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Our programs FAQ Projects

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Work experience-based programs can be a valuable way for individuals to gain real-world experience, develop skills and knowledge, and build a foundation for a successful career. Our programs involve completing real-world projects that simulate the types of tasks and challenges that students will encounter in their future careers.

Full Stack Web Development Program

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Our Full Stack Web Development course offers a hands-on approach to gain expertise in cutting-edge technologies, like HTML-CSS-Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, Databases such as MySQL and MongoDB.Furthermore you will gain knowledge in version control systems such as Git and GitHub, as well as explore data structures in JavaScript. Apply your newfound skills through hands-on projects, developing real-world applications under the guidance of experienced mentors. Gain practical experience and build an impressive portfolio.
  • 20+ Guided professional projects to learn with real work-experience
    Quizzes and assignments aimed at developing micro-skills
  • 10+ Independent projects, using advanced javascript and node.js
    Component-based project descriptions to help you tackle them on your own

Coding School Program

While many courses charge lakhs of rupees, our vision is to offer industry-oriented programs at highly affordable prices, ensuring accessibility to all. To enhance your employability, we've incorporated an array of exceptional features in this program, which are detailed below:

# Student's Profile Optimization
In addition to our resume review service, which aids in improving your CV, we will also optimize your LinkedIn profile. This dual approach not only enhances your qualifications but also significantly boosts your likelihood of being selected for job interviews.
# Job Opening & Referral Mails
To ensure you stay well-informed, we will send you regular email notifications about new job openings. Furthermore, you will receive job recommendations (job referrals) to simplify your job search process significantly.
# Company Tie-up Interview
We have established partnerships with numerous companies and will arrange direct placement interviews upon the completion of your course. This represents an additional advantage of enrolling in our Full Stack Web Development course.
# Unlimited Mock Interview Session
You will have the chance to engage in an unlimited number of mock interview sessions conducted by our industry experts. These sessions are designed to refine your skills, enhance your clarity, and thoroughly prepare you for real interviews. You can begin participating in mock interviews after successfully completing the core topics of the course.

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